Funny Feelings

By Tarah DeWitt

This book will forever have my heart. Not only it it laugh-out-loud funny, but the characters are to die for. Farley (Fee), an up and coming comedienne has to date her manager, former comedian, best friend and the guy she’s been in love with for years to gain publicity for her career. What follows is a heart-warming and hilarious dual-timeline and dual-pov story where Meyer and Farley slowly figure out that they’ve both been pining for each other for as long as they’ve been friends. 

What makes this book special is the writing style and the swoon-worthy characters. DeWitt masterfully interweaves heartfelt and and relatable characters all while throwing you one-liners that make you want to giggle and kick your feet above your head or pee your pants. One of the two. When I say Meyer Harrigan is the book boyfriend to end all book boyfriends, I mean it. This single, grumpy dad will have a chokehold on your from minute one. His daughter, Hazel will also play a special part of making you love both the FMC and MMC. Between the ASL representation and the range of emotions this one brought up, this will be one of my favorites forever. 


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